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Wangari Maathai Sayings

Wangari Maathai Sayings Sometimes I feel frustration at the bureaucracy for not moving fast enough to deliver in the way that I would prefer. But that is probably because I have worked for many years in the civil society, which tends to move much faster than government.

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Unknown Russian Sayings

Unknown Russian Sayings Every culture has its distinctive and normal system of government. Yours is democracy, moderated by corruption. Ours is totalitarianism, moderated by assassination.

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Tristan D.M.R. Sayings

Tristan D.M.R. Sayings Those who work hard will succeed,
While those who slack at their work will be in need

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Steve Feasey Sayings

Steve Feasey Sayings Alexa had rushed off downstairs following the telephone call, and Lucien explained to Trey that she had been researching this Ring of Amon for some time now and that she would need to see the new data. The

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Sebastian Franck Sayings

Sebastian Franck Sayings To substitute Scripture for the self-revealing Spirit is to put the dead letter in the place of the living Word.

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Ricardo Guadalupe Sayings

Ricardo Guadalupe Sayings The key element of success is a product that matches all of what you've done in your message and your marketing, and all the emotion that has to be transmitted to the consumer through the product.

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Michael M. Sayings

Michael M. Sayings Neutral state of mind has got me arriving on time, being far enough not to hide, leave the moment behind and fly, fly my child through your mind.

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Kristine Pierce Sayings

Kristine Pierce Sayings I won't leave you. If you're in danger, then I should be with you. I won't let you risk your life alone. We're in this together, remember? That's what you told me when we ran away.

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Kimber S. Dawn Sayings

Kimber S. Dawn Sayings Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi:
Latin term for If I cannot find a way I will make my own

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Jonathan Ball Sayings

Jonathan Ball Sayings My sincere thanks to friends and family, especially my mother, father, brother, and Mandy, who continue to love and support me despite my obsessions.

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John Vanbiesbrouck Sayings

John Vanbiesbrouck Sayings Yes, and I also like jumping out of tall buildings.

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Joe Schreiber Sayings

Joe Schreiber Sayings The Jedi taught you much more than simply how to fight. They taught you how to live, how to live within the Force, and upholad the bond you share with it.

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J. D. Sedding Sayings

J. D. Sedding Sayings There be delights that will fetch the day about from sun to sun and rock the tedious year as in a delightful dream ... For a garden is Arcady brought home. It is man's bit of gaudy make-believe - his well-disguised fiction of an unvexed Paradise ... a world where gayety knows no eclipse and winter and rough weather are held at bay.

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Hugh White Sayings

Hugh White Sayings The past cannot be changed
The future is yet in your power

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Greg T Meyers Sayings

Greg T Meyers Sayings If it were easy there would be no opportunity.

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Franklin C. Spinney Sayings

Franklin C. Spinney Sayings Pentagon's readiness and modernization problems are not due to budget cuts. The are the result of habitual modes of conduct evolved during the Cold War and a desire by the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex (MICC) to protect its comfortable life style in a world that is changing rapidly.

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Dan Nimak Sayings

Dan Nimak Sayings There's a fine line between the course of fate and the curse of fate. But if fate is slightly nudged, then it's called destiny.

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Dan "Soupy" Campbell Sayings

Dan If I could go back in time to when I wrote sad little poems, I'd punch myself right in the fucking face because it gets worse man. It gets much, much worse and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can just start dying and I know. I know - blahblahblah, nobody gives a fuck about your broken heart, but you know something? Most days, I'm not even sure what I'm upset about.

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Ali Benjamin Sayings

Ali Benjamin Sayings THE TRICK TO ANYTHING IS JUST BELIEVING you can do it. When you believe in your own ability to do something, even something scary, it gives you an almost magic power. Confidence is magic. It can carry you through everything.

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Winn Claybaugh Sayings

Winn Claybaugh Sayings Add "nice" to whatever you're doing and watch opportunities open up all around you.

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Veronica Bane Sayings

Veronica Bane Sayings None of them noticed the girl covered in ash as she
snaked along their gardens, setting fire to their begonias.

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Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Sayings

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Sayings And I'm a bad boy 'cause I don't even miss her. I'm a bad boy for breakin her heart

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Tina Connolly Sayings

Tina Connolly Sayings Perhaps I have too much anger of my own to tell. If a
man is steeped in bitter anger every day of his life, how then
would he notice a small additional fi re? Particularly when the
fi re comes in the presence of . . .

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Tammy Baldwin Sayings

Tammy Baldwin Sayings There will not be a magic day when we wake up and it's now okay to express ourselves publicly. We make that day by doing things publicly until it's simply the way things are.

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Suzan Shown Harjo Sayings

Suzan Shown Harjo Sayings Societies who do not care for their young people and old people are decadent, decaying societies.

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Sufyan Al-Thawri Sayings

Sufyan al-Thawri Sayings If Shaytan(Demon) defeated me yesterday, I will defeat him today with repentance and good deeds

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Subcomandante Marcos Laura Castellanos Sayings

Subcomandante Marcos Laura Castellanos Sayings Don Quixote is the best book out there on political theory, followed by Hamlet and Macbeth. There is no better way to understand the tragedy and the comedy of the Mexican political system than Hamlet, Macbeth and Don Quixote. They're much better than any column of political analysis.

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Sara Zarr Sayings

Sara Zarr Sayings Life doesn't have to be only anxiety about what's gone wrong, and complaints about the world around you.

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Rusti Fae Sayings

Rusti Fae Sayings Fantasies are the stories in which the soul becomes the lead

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Rodney Yee Sayings

Rodney Yee Sayings A well trained body is a beautiful instrument on which to play the melody of the present moment.

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Roderick L. Evans Sayings

Roderick L. Evans Sayings Thundering in my head; the sound of silence overwhelms.

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Rick Rusaw Sayings

Rick Rusaw Sayings The church is called to be separate in lifestyle but never to be isolated from the people it seeks to influence. Salt, light, and leaven don't work very well from a distance.

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Richard Eugene Burton Sayings

Richard Eugene Burton Sayings Colley Cibber, are apposite here: "It is not to the actor

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Pavel Tsatsouline Sayings

Pavel Tsatsouline Sayings If you are wondering what 'strong' is, it is probably not you.

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Nathan Taffel Sayings

Nathan Taffel Sayings If you give into hate, you'll destroy yourself. Hate doesn't help anything.

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Nadine Miller Sayings

Nadine Miller Sayings how many times a heart could break before it was shattered into so many minute fragments there was no heart left at all.

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Michael Kupperman Sayings

Michael Kupperman Sayings The man behind the counter at the donut store had been somewhat less than courteous ever since I had prematurely tried to hypnotize him during my first month of practice. Now as I re-entered the donut store he fixed me with a chilly glare. I sauntered up to the counter, then I threw upon him my hypnotizingest glare. "You are getting sleep," I told him. "No, you are getting sleepy," he retorted, his hypnotic eyes boring into mine. The son-of-a-bitch had been studying hypnotism too! "You are a young Georage Washington, and you've been chopping down the cherry tree," I asserted, and he became the boy President. "I cannot tell a lie," he piped in a childish voice. But it didn't last, and he shook my control free. "You are Anne Boleyn," he said, and it was true! "Don't cut off my head!" I begged...

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Luo Guanzhong Sayings

Luo Guanzhong Sayings I have received the command from Heaven: May my time be always long and prosperous.

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Lisa Ann Walter Sayings

Lisa Ann Walter Sayings People who know my stage act know it's nothing but pushing boundaries.

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Kelsey Humphreys Sayings

Kelsey Humphreys Sayings Instead of focusing on how your feet hurt and your load is so heavy, look at how far you've gone already! Look up to the peak and remember the dreams that started you walking in the first place.

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Kabir Sayings

Kabir Sayings The external forces conceal from the eyes the deep meaning of existence; True faith resides in the heart.

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K.A. Sayings

K.A. Sayings Why are you apologizing for bleeding?

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Judy Carter Sayings

Judy Carter Sayings It's a lot easier being black than gay. At least if you're black you don't have to tell your parents.

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Jocelyn Lieu Sayings

Jocelyn Lieu Sayings I can't help thinking of Jackson Pollock, who poured, splattered and lashed the canvass with strings of paint. His process was about snaring not only a vision, but the moment the vision occurred to him. The paint becomes a net cast around something too fast to be caught. The bare spaces between the net's strands are as significant as the strands themselves because they hint at what can't be painted, can't be described.

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Jennifer Harbury Sayings

Jennifer Harbury Sayings The problem, of course, lies with the realities concealed from us. This has always been the case. While the American public has slowly grappled with ongoing injustices visible within our own borders, it has long failed to discover and correct our government's abuses abroad. In the end, however, this is our government, and torture is being utilized in our names and supported by our tax dollars. We are responsible.

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Jeev Milkha Singh Sayings

Jeev Milkha Singh Sayings Dad never misses a chance to remind me that whenever we are travelling together, if 100 people mob him for autographs, five approach me.

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James McGrath Morris Sayings

James McGrath Morris Sayings Now, years later and with Carnegie's blessing, Frick had launched his plan to further consolidate his rule over their industrial kingdom by destroying the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers. The labor union, formed in 1876, was one of many that emerged in the industrial age to combat the cruel and oppressive treatment of workers. In the steel mills, workers typically put in 12-hour days, six days a week, for less than a dime an hour. There were no government agencies to inspect the work sites, no forms of compensation in case of injury, and more than 35,000 workers died each year in industrial accidents. Only the unions offered some hope by fighting for higher wages, eight-hour workdays, and improved working conditions.

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Isaac Walton Sayings

Isaac Walton Sayings You cannot lose what you never had.

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Gerry Anderson Sayings

Gerry Anderson Sayings My dementia hasn't just affected me - it's affected my friends and family, too.

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Gary Lawrence Sayings

Gary Lawrence Sayings Sustainability is a political choice, not a technical one. It's not a question of whether we can be sustainable, but whether we choose to be

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Doug Oudin Sayings

Doug Oudin Sayings Between Two Harbors, Reflections of a Catalina Island Harbormaster, tells of my involvement in the death of Natalie Wood, to the many unique and interesting details of life on Catalina Island.

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Donna Gephart Sayings

Donna Gephart Sayings when someone makes you suffer, it's because his own pain is spilling over. But

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Danny Rubin Sayings

Danny Rubin Sayings I've only written one decent poem in my life called "Lizard up My Leg": A lizard up my leg gave me a fright Not because he did, but 'cause he might. Okay, not a great poem, but it's honest and also it's short so I can remember it.

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Dallin H. Oaks Sayings

Dallin H. Oaks Sayings There is not a right and a wrong answer to every question.

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Cynthia Basinet Sayings

Cynthia Basinet Sayings This is your life!!! The children/husbands/lovers are just one chapter. The stronger we (women) get the more loving we can be- to all.

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Christina Sayings

Christina Sayings If you really wish to change the world, you must first change yourself. Look to yourself to find your happiness within. Take time to do something for you. Something that will better your life, and the life of those around you. If we are not caring for ourselves, no one else will care for us either. Martyrdom is over rated. Climb your mountain, and find your bliss.

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Carl Albert Sayings

Carl Albert Sayings I very much dislike doctrinaire liberals - they want to own your minds. And I don't like reactionary conservatives. I like to face issues in terms of conditions and not in terms of someone's inborn political philosophy.

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Brieale Sound Sayings

Brieale Sound Sayings Sex is natural, beautiful and very naughty, if you do it right

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Andrew Neel Sayings

Andrew Neel Sayings Pick up a camera and start shooting. You need to wade in in order to figure out how to move forward and do something concrete. I firmly believe that a lot dynamic and revolutionary work flows from those who summon all of their personal energy and just go out and make something.

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Ambai Sayings

Ambai Sayings Look here', he said, frowning, 'You shouldn't joke about matters related to food.

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Albert Reynolds Sayings

Albert Reynolds Sayings I call on everyone of goodwill both in Ireland and abroad to join now in ensuring that the beginning of peace becomes a reality, before this year is out. Let us together open a new era in our history.

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Adam Savage Sayings

Adam Savage Sayings Greg Broadmore's fertile and twisted imagination has conjoined multiple genres, memories, and a sharp sense of pulp, colonialist nostalgia/parody in this lavish, fully realized, imaginative tour-de-force. It's Jules Verne meets Fritz Lang meets Tintin.
It's beyond Steampunk. It's clearly an insatiable passion for the talismans of a bygone civilization and it's slavish addiction to the early industrial age in all it's filigreed, ignorant glory. Greg has raised the bar.

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Virgil Goode Sayings

Virgil Goode Sayings Further, the United States is moving ahead in the development of clean coal technology. There are vast coal reserves in our country, and when it is burned cleanly, coal can provide a resource to supply a large amount of our energy requirements.

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Timothy Radcliffe Sayings

Timothy Radcliffe Sayings What can the Church do? If she stands by her moral teaching, then she will be seen as standing in judgement over a vast percentage of Europeans.

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Tess Masters Sayings

Tess Masters Sayings To get the most bang for your buck, drink your kefir right before bed, so the probiotics can settle in and have a colonization party. Less really is more. Yes, I have overdone it, and spent more time in the company of our porcelain friend than I care to remember.

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Sushmita Sen Sayings

Sushmita Sen Sayings I see myself as a very successful entrepreneur. Maybe making films or else starting my own clothesline. I see myself as a corporate woman, sitting on the 16th floor of a swank office with a glass window that overlooks the Manhattan skyline.

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Richard Polt Sayings

Richard Polt Sayings What makes my life my own is ultimately the sheer fact that it is mine to live, mine to make something of, in the face of my possible non-existence. Every other possibility is something that I may be free not to do, and that someone else may be able to do just as well as I can. But my death is a possibility that necessarily faces me alone: no one can face it for me.

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Rachael Treasure Sayings

Rachael Treasure Sayings It's just how it is. What's wrong with talking about it? Mum said if women don't learn to self-orgasm at your stage of development, they can miss out on a whole world of pleasure further down the track. There's nothing to be ashamed or guilty about, if you are healthy in your thoughts about it.

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Qiu Jin Sayings

Qiu Jin Sayings With all my heart I beseech and beg my two hundred million female compatriots to assume their responsibility as citizens. Arise! Arise! Chinese women, arise!

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Philip Alston Sayings

Philip Alston Sayings This strongly asserted but ill-defined license to kill without accountability is not an entitlement which the United States or other states can have without doing grave damage to the rules designed to protect the right to life and prevent extrajudicial executions.

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Patrick Huard Sayings

Patrick Huard Sayings As an actor, it doesn't happen often that somebody sends you a script that is first of all that good.

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Patricia V. Davis Sayings

Patricia V. Davis Sayings Two things I try to remember:

My cultural, social, and financial environments formulate my view of the world. My age, sex, race, where I was born, who raised me, and who my inner circle is formulate my view of the world. My education, my exposure to new and different things, or lack thereof, formulate my view of the world. My view of the world formulates my opinions. But, if there's a missing piece from my world view, I can't have an informed, intelligent opinion on it. So, for example, if I've never experienced the color purple, my only informed opinions can be on the other colors. Not purple. I can say, "I don't like purple," or "I like purple," but in either case, my opinion has no significance.

The second thing I try to remember is that just because someone has a different opinion than I do, and he tells me so, it doesn't mean I'm being persecuted. In actual fact, it might mean that I'm about to learn something big.

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Olivier Todd Sayings

Olivier Todd Sayings [Camus] The meaning if my works: so many men are deprived of mercy. How to live without mercy? One must try and do what Christianity never did: to take care of the damned.

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Nechantenique Sayings


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Natalie Babbitt Sayings

Natalie Babbitt Sayings I had a wonderful mother who wanted my sister and me to have everything, even though money was a very prominent thing we didn't have. But we had a very happy childhood - pretty much ideal, in fact.

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Mary Harron Sayings

Mary Harron Sayings Frankly, you're always up and down. You're successful and then you're not.

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M. Lee Goff Sayings

M. Lee Goff Sayings Insects are major players in nature's recycling effort, and in nature a corpse is simply organic matter to be recycled. Left to its own devices, nature quickly populates a corpse with a diverse community of organisms, all dedicated to reducing the body to its basic components.

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Linus Torvalds Sayings

Linus Torvalds Sayings If you have ever done any security work - and it did not involve the concept of "network of trust" - it wasn't security work, it was - masturbation. I don't know what you were doing. But trust me, it's the only way you can do security, it's the only way you can do development.

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Kyra Jacobs Sayings

Kyra Jacobs Sayings Ew." Tony's face scrunched up like he'd just bit into a lemon. "Well we can't have you making out with a relative, assumed or not. It's not like we're in Kentucky." I stared at him, wide-eyed. "I have good friends in Kentucky, Tony." "Y-you do? Well, I didn't mean, I mean, it's just an -

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Kyle Beachy Sayings

Kyle Beachy Sayings That's right," I said. "Grand and complex. You say love because people believe in the word, it has a shared meaning and demands respect. It makes the strength stronger. But the strength can be unpredictable, it can gain a life of its own and turn on itself enough to make love into something too strong, this massive force. Something horrifying, brief flashes, this same strength.

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Kevin Alexander Sayings

Kevin Alexander Sayings Everyone has his own particular talent, niche and interests. Which isn't to say that you shouldn't try new genres or styles or explore forms other than the ones you're most comfortable with. But you should be willing to recognize that when writers try to make themselves into something they aren't or, more important, don't want to be ... they aren't going to be doing their best work.

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John Zande Sayings

John Zande Sayings There is no "good," just passages and pathways to greater depths of pain brought to bear as markets diversify and specialise. In thinking he is winning - be it through miraculous medical advancements, enlightened self-interest which fosters a degree of social stability, or a planet wide agricultural revolution - man is in fact throwing himself into heightened states of artfully dressed turmoil: mayhem which could only thrill a Creator disposed to being thrilled at such sweet turbulences.

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John Malkovich Sayings

John Malkovich Sayings I don't need to be liked.

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Jackie Taylor Zortman Sayings

Jackie Taylor Zortman Sayings What a beautiful difference one single life made." (Unknown) In memory of my grandson, Pete - 12/30/88 to 07/05/10

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Jack Adler Sayings

Jack Adler Sayings Irish Spring," the third book in the
Derry Greene thriller series, is due
out later in 2015.

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Iain Crichton Smith Sayings

Iain Crichton Smith Sayings Here they have no time for the fine graces
of poetry, unless it freely grows
in deep compulsion, like water in the well,
woven into the texture of the soil
in a strong pattern.

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Henrietta Mears Sayings

Henrietta Mears Sayings When I consider my ministry, I think of the world. Anything less than that would not be worthy of Christ, nor of his will for my life,

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Ha-Joon Chang Sayings

Ha-Joon Chang Sayings The best way to boost the economy is to redistribute wealth downward, as poorer people tend to spend a higher proportion of their income.

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Fa'lokun Fatunmbi Sayings

Fa'lokun Fatunmbi Sayings Ifa teaches when a person engages in the development of good character altered states of consciousness evolve organically and become a tool for serving the community. The spiritual discipline of Ifa involves the development and elevation of our essential nature. consciousness are discipline they are a byproduct of alignment with our essential nature.

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Exene Cervenka Sayings

Exene Cervenka Sayings never say amen in church if they're
capping off a prayer about you.

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Elzhi Sayings

Elzhi Sayings Those who flashin' don't blast, they still buffoons,
Just blowin out hot air, they should fill balloons.
I'm like them shorties that could kill for goons,
They started hustlin' in April to cop wheels in June.

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Elizabeth Montgomery Sayings

Elizabeth Montgomery Sayings I'd never thought much about a series, because I liked the idea of picking a script I liked with a character I thought I could sustain for an hour. In a series, you live with one character day in and day out - and you only hope it will be one that will not drive you crazy.

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Donia Bijan Sayings

Donia Bijan Sayings People stagger, but they pick up a tattered thread and wind it back onto a spool.

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Donald Davis Sayings

Donald Davis Sayings I didn't learn stories, I just absorbed them.

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Crystal Paine Sayings

Crystal Paine Sayings Time doesn't expand limitlessly. When I say yes to one thing, I must say no to something else.

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Chuck Inglish Sayings

Chuck Inglish Sayings I'm thinking about recording everything to tape like it's 1991 and seeing how that sounds.

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Christine Rice Sayings

Christine Rice Sayings The purpose of life is to live, learn, and love.

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Chris Grabenstein Sayings

Chris Grabenstein Sayings Some people refuse to accept the limits given to them by others.

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Charles Stone Sayings

Charles Stone Sayings Gratefulness is actually good for brain and body health (Korb, 2012). In one study researchers asked participants to keep a daily journal of what they were grateful for. They asked another group to write about what annoyed them. The group who recorded what they were grateful for showed greater determination, attention, enthusiasm, and energy compared to the other group. In another study the same researchers discovered that even keeping a weekly gratefulness journal reduced aches and pains. And in a Chinese study, gratefulness decreased depression and improved sleep.

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Charles Stewart Parnell Sayings

Charles Stewart Parnell Sayings No man shall have the right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation.

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